Was ist Ruinismus in der Schmuckkunst?

Perhaps, while watching the project50g brand on social networks, you have often come across such words as Ruinism, Ruinistic jewelry, and what does jewelry have to do with it? Let's figure it out..

Let's start with what is ruinism?

As Google tells us,

Ruinism is a direction of Renaissance painting, where artists depicted the ancient ruins of ancient cities. This mysterious direction raises more questions than answers, since ruin artists are still called dreamers. But that's what it's art to make you think.

Of course, the ideas of Mikhail Savchenkov went a little further than antique motifs.

In his works you can find oriental patterns, Asian ornaments, natural textures and many other unusual elements borrowed from different peoples of the world from different eras.


Our jewelry designer Mikhail Savchenkov has always been interested in the history of the ancient world and the mysteries of nature.

Every time he works, he turns on some kind of historical program, and every day in our workshop a new story of antiquity is told, about sunken empires, secret discoveries and mysterious archaeological finds.

When he was little, he wanted to become an archaeologist, but apparently something went wrong) And his path led him to where we met.
It was this whirlwind of travel and study of history, to which he was partial since childhood, that helped him find his authentic style in jewelry, which is not so easy to find.

Ruin jewelry is a completely new direction in jewelry design, created by Mikhail Savchenkov. It reflects authentic patterns belonging to one or another people / era, where these elements are dotted with cracks and destroyed textures, as a result, as if reminding us of ancient artifacts found during excavations.

It's funny, but we most often hear this definition from our clients and it was they who pushed us to this definition - Jewelry in the Ruinism style.

Thank you for reading to the end, it is important for us to know that there are people who appreciate what we create.

It is only thanks to you that we do what we do and we can proudly say that we have our own voice

Project50g - ruinistic jewelry with volcanic oxidation.

and if you don't know what volcanic oxidation is, we talked about it a little earlier. You can read about it here