Volcanic oxidation


So what is volcanic oxidation?  

Project50g| What is volcanic oxidation?

This is a chemical process that allows you to give metals a depth of color and texture with shades of graphite.
As a rule, special chemical compositions based on sulfur are used in the work. Someone buys ready-made, and someone makes them himself. Jewelers call the process of processing with these compositions "blackening".

This is a fairly durable coating, but it can be mechanically damaged like any other coating. Therefore, you need to be careful when wearing products with blackening. You can read more about how to take care of your jewelry here.

Project50g|50gramsofsilver| About volcanic oxidation    For this process we use real volcanic sulfur!

A few years ago, while traveling in Indonesia, while descending into the mouth of the Ijen volcano, I visited a sulfur mine and decided to take some debris with me.
To be honest, it was not difficult, there was sulfur everywhere!

Project50g|50gramsofsilver| About volcanic oxidation

The idea came to me instantly, because by that time I had already begun my experiments with silver and I was interested in making a blackening mixture myself to emphasize the texture of my jewelry.

Of course, other materials are needed for this mixture, but for now, this will remain a secret)

And now each of my silver items has a piece of this volcano.
And that means you have it too!🌋

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Project50g | About volcanic oxidation