JEWELRY CARE (with volcanic blackening and gold plating):

We use only Sterling Silver (925) in our work
Keep in mind that silver tends to darken over time if you don't wear it for a long time, and it can also lose texture depth if you wear it every day due to friction from clothing, so we recommend leaving it at home from time to time. To maintain the balance of color and texture for a long time.
Silver (Ag) is a very soft material, it needs to be looked after, and then it will delight you for many years.
If you want to give the product an extra shine, polish it from time to time.
We recommend cleaning your jewelry by gently wiping with flannel or suede/leather
👉🏻Don't overdo it and only do it when necessary to maintain texture and color.
Silver jewelry should be stored away from heat sources and direct sunlight.
An excellent option would be to store it in the original packaging or special dark place.

👉🏻Remove jewelry when doing household chores, washing your hands, or going to bed.
Protect silver from mercury.
Mercury can be found in whitening cosmetics and healing ointments, and even in small amounts, it can damage silver.
IMPORTANT: before hard physical work or going to the gym, remove silver jewelry, as you can damage it during work.
The basic rules of care are the same as for silver, but let us remind you once again that gilding and volcanic oxidation are very thin coatings that require special care.
We use electroplating, a method known since 1865. This method, considered the most reliable, ensures that layers of 18 and 24 karat gold are densely deposited onto the surface, just a few microns thick.
This gives the piece the natural shine of pure gold.
👉🏻We carefully select places in the composition to apply gold plating to ensure exceptional abrasion resistance and long-lasting shine for your valuable item, but please be aware that in exposed areas this plating is extremely thin and requires special care!
To ensure that volcanic oxidation and gold plating lasts as long as possible, we recommend removing jewelry before washing your hands or using antiseptics.
Avoid detergents and cleaning products.
If you have not worn a piece with volcanic oxidation/gold plating for a long time and the stones have become excessively dark and have lost their shine it can be restored to shine by placing them in a solution of any dishwashing detergent for a few minutes. Then rinse in clean water, wipe and polish with a soft cloth.
👉🏻This procedure should only be used as needed to maintain the finish as long as possible.

If you have not worn a piece without volcanic oxidation/gold plating for a long time and the stones have become excessively dark and have lost their shine, then ammonia and warm water can help. Add a few drops of ammonia to the soap solution (about 60 degrees). Then clean the product with a soft toothbrush, rinse in clean water, dry and polish with a soft/flannel cloth.
Silver jewelry with stones and inserts deserves special attention. Soaking, rubbing, scratching can be fatal! In this case, it is better to turn to professionals.
If you have questions about caring for your silver jewelry, please contact us and we will send instructions for your specific case.
And also, all our customers have a quality guarantee, so you can always send us your jewelry to update the coating (blackening/gilding) if necessary.
Just contact us in any way convenient for you🌋