Our history

Our team of Project50g currently consists of only two people

Mikhail and Aleksandra Savchenkov. We can say that this is our family business.

We are from the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, where we have spent most of our lives. We used to have a local clothing brand. We won various competitions for young designers and sold well domestically, and, unfortunately, at that time we did not even think that our developments would be in demand abroad.

After working on the brand for about five years, we felt that the creative flow began to close, and life turned into a routine.

Realizing this, we decided to close our project "hvorost" and go on a great journey. And it was the right decision!

For several years now, we have been traveling in search of inspiration to authentic countries and are inspired by the culture and customs of local peoples. And it was thanks to travel that we found “Project50g” for ourselves.

The "Project50g" team is constantly on the move as we have not yet found our place in the world, so orders are shipped from different countries depending on our location. We share our movements on our Instagram, so if you haven't followed us yet, follow us.

 How it all started...

Project50g | About us

Once, when we were huddled in the rainy season, on the island of Koh Lanta in Thailand.

Mikhail began to experiment with textures, transferring the textures of various stones and mollusks onto ordinary plasticine.Project50g | About us

Who would have thought that stationery clay games would grow into a whole line of stunning silver designs?

 Then he moved a little further. Mikhail began to study wax carving and work with metal, but there was no jewelry wax on the island, he began to melt ordinary paraffin candles and create unusual shapes from them.


He made his first rings from clerical wax.

50gramsofsilver |About us

We never managed to cast them, but we still keep these wax figures as a memory of the beginning of our journey.


 Only after a year and a half of experiments, did we purchase jewelry wax and cast our first five rings from silver, the total weight of which was 50 grams.

We decided that this is a good name for our brand. Thus, "50gramsofsilver" was born.

Project50g | Our history


 Sometime later, during a trip to Indonesia, we found a unique way of blackening our products and called it VOLCANIC OXIDATION. You can read more about this here.


 A few words about package..

Every detail is important to us, which is why we have developed special stone cases for storing rings, you can read about them here.

Project50g | Author's stone package

How our brand has evolved...

In the first year, we only sold our products on Instagram. We were very pleased that our developments received a response from a huge number of people. This was the impetus for further growth and we decided to open a store on Etsy.

 After working with Etsy for about two years, we have earned a reputation as a conscientious seller and the recognition of our buyers. You can read numerous reviews in our Etsy store.

 We try to ensure uninterrupted work and provide quality products, because each item is made by Mikhail by hand, taking into account individual characteristics. This allows you to work out every detail and meet the declared quality of products.

We still have a lot of work to do to optimize the whole process, we also want to expand our team to work even faster to reduce production time and your waiting time.

We are constantly growing and developing for you. So it's time to get away from Etsy by creating your own website that you're currently on.

We also built it ourselves without special programming skills, so if you are missing any features that can make it more convenient for you, please feel free to send us your ideas and we will definitely work out the weaknesses.

By the way, you can still place an order on ETSY, but keep in mind that there we only accept payments through PayPal and the prices there will be slightly higher so that we can cover the ETSY commission on transactions.


We’ll add something...

Mikhail is indeed the designer and creator of all the designs in our line.

And Alexandra is responsible for the marketing part of the project.

Together we are a great team! We love and help each other.

 Thank you for choosing our products, because we put a piece of ourselves into each product.

For us, this is not just a business, but a way of self-expression. It is important for us to carry the meanings that resonate with people around the world.

 In the description of each model, you can find stories and reflections related to its creation. We are always open to dialogue. Therefore, feel free to write to us with any questions here or in private messages on Instagram.

Project50g| About us 

With best wishes,

Mikhail and Aleksandra (Team "Project50g" aka "50gramsofsilver")

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