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Sterling carbine pendant-brutalist silver pendant with artisan black chain

Sterling carbine pendant-brutalist silver pendant with artisan black chain

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the STERLING CARBINE pendant with black chain 

material: Silver 925

processing: Volcanic oxidation+Polishing

length: 5,4cm+1,8cm link

Thickness: 1,9mm

Weight: 11g

Chain length with logo: 70cm

(Chain type and length may vary)

Weight with chain: 23g

length with chain: 77cm


I have always liked industrial design, as this design is based on solving certain problems that this or that object must solve.

One of the products of industrial design is the Carbine.

When I began to study the history of its creation, I learned that the first carbines appeared in the 17th century, and their name came from a shortened gun that Cavalrymen wore over their shoulders.

The purpose of the Carbine was to provide quick and easy removal of the gun, for which the infantry mounting option was not suitable.

This is how the carbine appeared, which we still use today.

It is worth noting that the pendant is made of Silver, which is a rather soft metal and cannot be used for its intended purpose. Only use it as a pendant

By default, the pendant is sold with our signature blackened chain (please let us know if you would like a white chain).

Since the pendant is created by hand, these parameters may vary slightly.


All products are oxidized with volcanic sulfur that we collected while traveling in Indonesia.

This pendant will be made to order and it will have the same proportions and appearance.

We always send photos before sending for approval so that you can make changes if you wish.

This will be a new unique pendant.
It will be made only for you!

You can leave your initials to make it even more unique.

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