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Tempus pendant-textured round pendant with unusual handmade link combination and black chain

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the Tempus pendant with chain

"Tempus" translate from latin as time.

Material: Sterling silver with volcanic oxidation

The pendant is shaped like an old pocket watch that was popular in the 19th century. The pendant is combined with five segments of the chain, uniting everything into a single composition. There are several options for wearing this pendant on one or two chains, it all depends on your imagination. By default, the pendant is sold with our signature blackened chain (please let us know if you would like a white chain).

Since the pendant is created by hand, these parameters may vary slightly.


length total: 7,5cm

length: 4cm

Thickness: 3,5-4mm

Weight: 19g

Weight with chain:31g

Chain length: 65cm 

(Chain type and length may vary)

All products are oxidized with volcanic sulfur that we collected while traveling in Indonesia.

This pendant will be made to order in your size and will not be identical to that shown here, but it will have the same proportions and appearance. We always send photos before sending for approval so that you can make changes if you wish.

This will be a new unique pendantIt will be made only for you!

You can leave your initials to make it even more unique.